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123-Baby-Names.com   Name your baby girl and baby boy names, meanings, trends, ethnic and religious names from 123-Baby-Names.com. Parents can search for boy baby names and girl baby names, surnames, nicknames, place names, brand names, origins and meanings of names, usage of

20,000 Names   Baby Names, Pet Names, Story Character Names, Meanings of Names, Origins of Names, Sim Names, baby girl names, baby boy names, anglo-saxon names, arabian names, arabic names, aramaic names, armenian names, arthurian legend names, basque names, celtic name

2001 Baby Names   Top Searches for baby announcement, baby announcement baby birth announcement baby shower announcement

4BabyNames.com   Name your baby using meanings, trends, ethnic and religious names from 4BabyNames.com. Parents can search for boy baby names and girl baby names.

A Baby's Name   Choosing a baby's name is one of the most important things you'll do. Helpful baby naming tips and considerations will assist you in choosing that perfect baby name.

ABC Baby Names   WELCOME TO ABC BABY NAMES A complete and easy to use index of baby names.

About - Baby Namer   Names for your baby A to Z.

AboutBabyNames.com   Discover the perfect baby name and name meanings.

Adore My Baby   Baby Names from A to Z to help parents name their new baby

Alfabette Zoope   mental, visual and aural meanderings, collectionsand explorations... wordgirl's little ego-zone. includes original design, photography & poetry,a collection of unusual and multi-cultural names, samples of some great music, and infoabout wordgirl

Allnames.org   Allnames.org: Female and Male Names

Alternative Baby Names   ALTERNATIVE BABY NAMES !

American Baby: Baby Names   Baby Names

Anbuthamil   www.anbutamil.com

Ariesrising's Baby Name Board   A name board. Get help naming your baby, your characters or just chatting about names in general.

Asher Baby Names   Baby names baby Boys names black baby names biblical baby namesbaby names for girls and boys, sanskrit, spiritual names

Baby Best Lucky Names   No Description Available

Baby Name Center   Search automatically through thousands of baby names - by meaning, popularity, celebrities, religion, ethnicity, gender or sex, first letter, syllables, etc. for that perfect name.

Baby Name Guide   Boy and girl baby names from 28 different baby name guide categories, plus a personal favorites list and top 100 boy and girl names.

Baby Name Locator   Baby Name Locator - Baby Names, Baby Name

Baby Name Meanings   The Names Meanings Message Board is for people interested in names, origins & genealogy

Baby Name Origins   Baby names specifically by origin and meanings of the names. Find first names and middle names.

Baby Name Scramble   Offers unique, popular American baby names computer-generated from any other two names. Service includes popular, unique baby boy and baby girl names. Useful baby shower ideas or gift ideas.

Baby Name Talk   babynametalk.com

Baby Name Wizard   The Baby Name Wizard

Baby Names   Large database of baby names - boy names, girl names, popular baby names, ethnic baby names and baby pictures

Baby Names   Baby names for boys and girls including baby name meanings and origins.

Baby names   baby names for boys and girls by origin and meaning

Baby Names and Meanings   Searchable database with 1000's of baby names, their meaning and some great gift ideas.

Baby names and meanings from A to Z   Lists of baby names and their meanings from A through Z. Unique and common names from around the world. A great source of names for expecting parents. Baby names of all nationalities.

Baby Names at Parenthood.com   No Description Available

Baby Names Canada   Canadian Baby Names - Jewish baby names, French, Irish, bible, Muslim names, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew, African American,Islamic, English, New Age, Saints, and Spiritual Baby Names,

Baby Names Central   Unusual baby names from all over the world, name polls, and an index to all the names discussed on the Heptune pages.

Baby Names Directory   the baby names directory is a free service provided by daniel amor - the e-business (r)evolution is a book written by daniel amor, which has been published by prentice hall.

Baby Names Etc.   Baby Names etc has baby names, baby scales, Babies R Us, baby names orign, baby anems meaning,fun facts, baby name orgin and meanings. Plus bargain baby shopping, free Birth Date Club, and nursery rhymes.

Baby Names Finder for Popular Names   Find baby names from our list of the most popular names of 2002 for your baby girl or boy.

Baby Names from Early Jazz and Blues   Origins and meanings of names used in jazz, blues and hokum songs from the first half of the 20th century, as well as the names of prominent jazz and blues musicians of the time.

Baby Names Meanings   baby names for boys and girls by origin and meaning. Find the perfect baby name in our database

Baby names meanings and origins   Baby names, meanings, and origins for boys and girls. Searchable database of over 40,000 names by name, sex, origin, and meaning.

Baby Names Message Board   This is a message board dealing with all things kids and a couple of other tidbits thrown in

Baby Names Products   Over 50,959 Baby Names and Meanings! What does your name mean?

Baby Names World   Find that perfect baby name along with the meaning at Baby Name World.

Baby Names: Their Origins and Meanings   Find lots of baby names. Look up your baby's name its meaning and its origin. Baby Freebies and coupons too.

Baby Naming Hints and Software   Baby Naming and Character Naming Software for Macintosh and Windows

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing   List of bad names for babies

Baby-Parenting.com.   Baby-Parenting.com - baby name,thousands of baby names, baby name origins and meanings search tool

BabyCenter   Find the perfect baby name. Find a name by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables and more!

BabyCenter - Baby Names   Find the perfect baby name. Find a name by sex, ethnic origin, number of syllables and more!

BabyChatter   Baby names, their meanings, name origins and parenting information. Baby food, diaper and formula coupons, samples and freebies.

BabyLove   Baby Love - Home

Babynamer.com   No Description Available

Babynames Software and Guide   Numerology, Tarot, Babynames. Professional software by swiss author Yves Pflieger.

BabyNames.com   Over 5,000 Names & Meanings! What does your name mean?

BabyNamesGame   Pick what you think are the most popular baby names. What names do you like? What do you dislike? Save some money with baby coupons, special offers and baby freebies too.

BabyNamesIndia.com   Indian Baby Names, World's Cutest Baby Pictures, Pregnancy Info, Nursery Rhymes and more.

BabyZone's Baby Names   Finding that perfect name for your baby can be a daunting experience until now.

Behind the Name   The meaning and history of first names.

Biblical Names for Baby   Biblical names for baby, including many choices not found in ordinary name books.

Blue's Babies   Tired of finding baby naming services that you pay $30 for only 10 names? Here you pay cheap more a lot more names!!

Celebrity Baby Name Index   The Celebrity Baby Name Index is the ULTIMATE resource for names given by celebs to their children. A huge listing of names that over 800 celebs have given their offspring. Regularly updated, ever expanding.

Cherished Moments   Lists of the most popular boy and girl baby names that were chosen in 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 and every decade back to the 1880s. See if your name or the name you are thinking about naming your baby is one of the most popular baby names chosen for a

Comeparty.co.nz   Baby names baby Boys names baby girls names,biblical baby names beautiful babies names for boys and girls,black baby names,biblilcal and spiritual baby names with origins and meanings

Cool Baby Names   Over 50,959 Baby Names and Meanings! What does your name mean?

Cry Baby Boutique   Cry Baby Boutique is a site for new or expectant parents. Sections give advice on child safety, decorating a nursery and choosing a name for your baby.

Diaper Dandies Baby Names   Thousands of baby names to choose; along with Baby name meanings. Baby Shower ideas & games, Free Child ID Kits and lots more. Everything for baby!

FamilyResource.com Baby Name Finder   FamilyResource.com

Fantastic Name Generator   The fantastic name generator. Get a truly original and exotic name for your game characters or offspring

Female Czechoslovakian Names   Find out What's in YOUR Czechoslovakian Name! Click here to look through thousands of Czechoslovakian baby names!

Female Gothic Names   Find out What's in YOUR Gothic Name! Click here to look through thousands of Gothic baby names!

Female North American Indian Names   Find out What's in YOUR North American Indian Name! Click here to look through thousands of North American Indian baby names!

Female Persian Names   Find out What's in YOUR Persian Name! Click here to look through thousands of Persian baby names!

First Names What They Mean   

French Baby Names   Interested in giving your baby or yourself a French name? These links will help you find the most common, the most unusual, and every other kind of French baby name.

Hawaiian and English Name Resource   Find your name in Hawaiian using the webs largest list of Hawaiian to English name translations!

Hawaiian Baby Names   Find a Hawaiian name for your baby

Heather's Page of Unusual Names  

Hebrew Baby Name Finder   Search over 1000 Hebrew names with the Hebrew Baby Name Finder, plus get practical how-to advice on choosing names for Jewish children from the Tri-City Jewish Community Center (JCC).

India a2z   500 Server Error

Indian Baby Names   Indian Baby Names and their meanings

Institute for Naming Children Humanely   The Institute for Naming Children Humanely is dedicated to achieving a better society through better names for children.

Iranian Names   http://cleo.lcs.psu.edu A website with an extensive list of Iranian names with their meanings.

Irish, unusual and exotic baby names.   List of 200 popular, unusual and exotic Irish baby boy and girl names and make sure your speakers are turned up as Frank McCourt, Pulitzer prize-winning author of 'Angela's Ashes,' helps with the pronunciation of each one and gives the meanings

Just Names   instrument measures dampness for boat, yacht, marine and building surveyors. Book of first names for babies, boys, girls, children, men and women

Kabalarian Society   The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches constructive living based on principles of right thinking, right breathing, and right eating which provide the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal suc

Kaeori Names   names, unique names, strange names, unusual names, odd names, creative names, popular names, trendy names, new names, baby name lists

KeepKidsHealthy.com   Baby names finder, create a new name, or view names in our database of 1000s of baby names, with popular and ethnic names.

Labor of Love - Baby Names   A searchable collection of over 16,000 baby names with meaning and origin.

Male Czechoslovakian Names   Find out What's in YOUR Czechoslovakian Name! Click here to look through thousands of Czechoslovakian baby names!

Male North American Indian Names   Find out What's in YOUR North American Indian Name! Click here to look through thousands of North American Indian baby names!

Male Persian Names   Find out What's in YOUR Persian Name! Click here to look through thousands of Persian baby names!

Most Popular Baby Names   Most Popular Baby Names

Muslim Child: Names   World list of Muslim names for both, Boys Girls and Unisex and their meanings. Also Egyptian Turkish Persian names. Includes 99 beautiful names of Allah and Names of the Prophet (pbuh) and more.

Muslim Names and Meanings   Includes list of muslim names for both, boys' and girls', with their meanings. Also has the beautiful 99 names of Allah and names of the Prophet (SAW). Do you know what your name means?

Name Debates   A wonderful place to discuss pregnancy, parenting and names. Monthly photo contests as well as a variety of forums. Join us today!

Name Meaning with Bible Verse Search   Personalized name pictures and photo mats. First name, last name, baby, children, and family gifts using our letter prints and/or your photographs.

Name Meanings Search Engine   Names and meaning, origins, name meanings, search for a new name, girls names, boys names, baby names

Name My Baby   Meaning of a Baby Names quick referrence guide, search for baby names and name meaning easily and quickly

Name Nerds   Welcome to the den of the Name Nerds

Name Origins   A listing of hundreds of first names from around the world, along with their meanings and ethnic origins.

Name Poetry by Nicholas Gordon   Name poems, suitable for birthdays, which can be used free for any personal or non-commercial purpose.

Name Report   The Name Report graphs the popularity of names through time based on Social Security Administration data and user input. The site also allows users to gather Friend and Family opinions of their favorite names.

Name Site, The   African Names Complete with Meanings and Pronounciation - Enjoy yourself!!

Name Statistics   Find out what your first and last names are ranked in popularity and statistics of how many other people in the US share your name!

Name That Baby   Name That Baby

Name-a-baby.com   baby names find the perfect boy baby name and girl baby name by looking at all possible combinations of first and middle names including English Indian Irish Italian African Spanish and unique popular baby name

Namely-Yours.com   An informative site about the meaning of names (baby names, pet names etc), books, searches, personalized gifts and fun links, too!

Namepower 101   NamePower101.com - Name Know How Gives You An Edge!

Names 2 Be   Lists of baby names, Welsh baby names, girls and boys names, breastfeeding tips, a due-date and fetal age calculator, books, maternity products, baby websites, home-made food recipes and shower gifts

Names and Meanings   A list of first names and their meanings!

namingbaby.co.uk   Over 10,000 baby names, a UK resource to help you choose a name for your baby, Gifts

Neat Names by Fido mom   The cover page to my gender specific and gender free names pages.

optName: First Name e-Directory   optName.com: First Name e-Dictionary

Oxygen: Babynamer   No Description Available

Parent Soup - Baby Name Finder   A community where parents learn about parenting, kids, adoption, family issues, dating, money, travel, entertainment, and much more from the experts and each other.

Parenthood.com   No Description Available

Parents' Guide to Choosing Baby Names   Provides guides for choosing baby names and list of popular baby girls and baby boys names.

Persian Names   Persian Names

Personal Profiles   What Does Your Name Mean? Search for meaninful baby names. Personal Profiles describe in detail the virtues, vices and characteristics of a name.

Popular Baby Names   Baby names from around the world. The database includes names from major regions, religions, and languages. Features over 10000 baby names from major regions and religions. Baby formula, diaper, and food coupons, samples and freebies.

Popular Baby Names   Popular Baby Names

Quick Baby Site   Quickly find thousands of baby names and their meanings, most popular baby names, boy names, girl names, how to choose baby names.

Rea's Forename Archive   Rea's Forename Archive

SSA.gov: Popular Baby Names   Social Security's Office of the Chief Actuary

SureBaby.com   From pregnancy to childbirth and beyond: offers signs of early pregnancy and symptoms with personalized pregnancycalendar, tests, baby names and baby shower games.

The Baby Names Network   Baby Names - Easy to find baby names, meanings, and origins for boys and girls. Huge selection of unusual, popular, and unique baby names.

The Baby Names Searcher   Baby Names Searcher - Over 50,000 names

The Baby Naming Service   DISCOVER THE PERFECT NAME FOR YOUR CHILD! A name consultation will give you valuable input regarding the naming of your baby.

The Baby Song   We will personalize this baby song for your child! Personalized, frameable lyrics on specialty paper included when you purchase the package. Makes a great gift!

The Name Machine   Analyze baby names in the United States over the past 100 years. Identify baby names for boys and names for girls that are popular or unusual.

The Name Site   Find name meanings and baby names at The Name Site. Check Name Compatibility.

Utah Baby Namer   The Utah Baby Namer

We Can't Think of a Name.com   We can't think of a name.com has a huge database of names including, babies, dogs, cats, house, horse and boats!

What's in a Baby Name   525,000 baby names! Find out what your baby name means!

Wise Name   A Successful Name Can Be Yours! We are experts at creating prosperous business names. In addition, we help people find the perfect pet name, baby name, adult name or web site domain name.

Your Baby Name.Com   Learn about where baby names originate and what your babies name means.

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